I flunked every yoga class I ever attended.  My body felt stiff and unbending and I gave up.  Then I was offered an Iyengar yoga class with Tricia and now I am a believer!  I am not too fat, or too stiff, or too old to enjoy the many benefits of yoga Tricia has taught me.  She is a gifted teacher - and a bit of a miracle worker!

- Marianne Morgan, Age 74
Clearwater, FL

Studying Iyengar yoga with Tricia has completely changed my perspective.  She brings an intelligence to the practice that I have never experienced, and for that I am incredibly grateful.  She is patient, kind, funny and excels at helping her students experience new levels of proficiency and awareness in their yoga practice.  I'm so glad I met her.

- Erin Eckhouse - Tampa FL

I was so excited to meet Tricia and take classes from her. Tampa Bay is so lucky to have Tricia here--she is a fantastic true Iyengar yoga teacher. Tricia knows her anatomy and knows how to communicate her knowledge to her students! I had not taken a real Iyengar yoga class in several years (there is a dearth of Iyengar teachers in Florida) and walking into her class was like taking a deep breathe of fresh air! 

As a student with scoliosis and a wonky back, Tricia is able to understand my spine, work with my spine, and help me bring my body to greater ease and safer alignment. I am so happy to be able to study with her and plan to take Tricia's classes as much as possible.

If you are nervous about Iyengar yoga, Tricia is also a wonderful teacher to start with. She is friendly, accessible, and corrects in comforting way. (I promise--she is the opposite of scary!) Learning proper alignment can transform your yoga practice and there's no one like Tricia in Tampa Bay to help you on this journey.

- Lora, Tampa FL

Tricia's classes are an exceptional Yoga experience. Many instructors use props and do the poses that Tricia teaches but no one teaches the way Tricia does. As a properly trained REAL Iyengar instructor, Tricia's sensitivity to the different level of each student, individual health issues, variable abilities and safety are part of her instruction that I have not found in any other area Yoga class.
I was bowled over by her knowledge of human anatomy and her commitment to building strength methodically so that poses become stronger and more beautiful as the weeks progress. It is so exciting. Tricia has a gift for clear description that makes the impossible possible. Study with her!!

- A. Decker, Clearwater, FL.