Friday – 07/10/16

This guy!

Yesterday was another shopping day. We have an excellent cook who is sweet, funny and a delight to be around. Many regular travellers to Pune know and love Anita. Her charm is offset by forgetfulness, but is entirely forgivable. Anyway, we shop every couple of days or so for food for her to conjure deliciousness. The food is the centerpiece for us to discuss the days events, here and abroad. Hurricane Matthew is the main focus currently, so dear friends, know we are thinking of you.
The markets are within walking distance or tuktuk ride away. One surprise yesterday was a street cleaners cart that was a vacuum, hoovering up the street. The three of us stopped to photograph it much to the operators bemusement. Our excitement was that it was all electric! (Photos to come later – Indian internet not cooperating.) India has a several electric vehicle manufacturers that are doing well in foreign markets that are open to electric vehicles, motorcycles and it’s exciting to see other applications.