Monday 03/10/16 First Class in Pune

Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute

Morning class is at 7am. Walking into the institute is familiar. There are so many pictures of the place from fellow travellers, yogis who have been there time and again. Guruji’s seat outside their home, I still felt a little leap inside me when I saw it. His presence is everywhere, and of course absent.
I have mixed feelings. I knew a long time ago I wasn’t destined to meet the great man, but I had no doubt I would be here, in Pune. Not a dream, a reality. 
The practice hall is deceptive, it is both big and intimate. When everyone is in it has the feel of a classroom. Prashantji entered the room and ritually readied himself for teaching. He spoke at length on the breath, the generation of the pose from the breath; the evolution of the pose from the breath; the evolution of the self, from the breath. He used many metaphors to make the same point on this evolution, self-righting. I felt the fatigue from flying and having my body clock upside down; I’m sure the organs take time to catch up, much more than the brain, my calves felt swollen in Adho Mukha Svanasana. My brain was swollen with Prashantji’s words, his descriptions, and his phrasing of “yog”. I did feel prepared. Not least because of how much time and study I had done with Arun. The message being of self examination, the breath itself bringing clarity and the ability to take the body beyond it’s perceived capacity.

Tricia AmheiserComment