Saturday - 22/10/16 - Last Class with Geeta, for a while

Adho Mukha Virasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana
Adho Mukha Vrksasana
Uttanasana – Gulphasana
Prasarita Padottanasana to Uttanasana – Gulphasana

-    Parsva
-    Eka Pada
o    Touch toe to the floor
o    If you are able to keep it there, keep it there until given the word to raise the leg
-    Parsvaika Pada
o    Same as Eka Pada
Repeat the above in our own time

Sarvangasana cycle on 4 thick mats
-    Halasana
-    Eka pada
o    From the floor lift one leg, return the toe to the floor lift the other
-    Halasana to Parsva
One thick mat Savasana for ever and ever and floating forever…

There were some notable demonstrations by one of the Institute's teachers Lakshmi. Geetaji wanted to show the young students from Bellur, and those that were nervous about working in the middle of the room in Sirsasana how she wanted them to perform the three variations we were doing - Parsva, Eka Pada and Parsvaika Pada. Lakshmi's stamina was tested, for the first time, her Parsvaika Pada in particular was very ably shown. Geeta's instruction was to take the leg, half way down in Eka Pada and then move the leg out to the side, until the outer foot touched the side of the wall. Later Geeta had her in Sarvangasana for about as much time as Methuselah was alive, and then Halasana for almost an equal amount of time. Raja Lakshmi was adjusting her (Lakshmi) by holding her thighs and punching her knee into the base of her spine in Sarvangasana and Geeta, ever sharp made the point. If Lakshmi used her left knee to try to adjust and lift the right hip dropping, she actually didn't help at all. If she used the right knee, there was some movement upward as there should have been at the right hip. Points of leverage are most important to help elevate correctly and staying in communication with the student at all times was important. 

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