This being, light, fun and incidental food chemist has been integral to our stay. I’m going to miss her greatly. She understands the human condition, a diplomatic light touch with those she works for and for her peers. But what delights she conjures! 
The best Idli Sambar, Gobi dishes, palak paneer (with tofu), Uttapa with veggies and tofu… there have been many more, but mostly it’s just her. People like her should be spoken of with sweetness and fun and eye-twinkling happiness, reverence because that’s what they give. Vitality, wholesomeness of her food. Dispensing love and shy smiles. How do you put such a being into words? Right now she is busying herself with one of our last meals and then one more tomorrow and then no more until the next time. And I’m sad, I won’t cry because you have to go away so you can come back. Still I’m sad for me as I hope to see her happy next time I’m here. But maybe next time I’ll bring Nick so he can miss her cooking too! So much of my memory of Pune, this magic first trip will be around her and I’m glad for that alone. So, if you are coming to Pune, look her up, a diamond in the rough and a culinary wiz.