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Class Descriptions

Yoga First

For the anyone who has not been on the mat before, this is a great introduction to the Iyengar method and step by step instruction given on the fundamentals of alignment. On completion of this eight week course will get you acquainted with the nuts and bolts of yoga, build a firm foundation of the pose, starting a home practice and by the end of the course be able to invert in Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) 

Level I

Suitable for beginners and improvers, this class if perfect for students new to Iyengar yoga or students looking to build a stronger foundations in their practice. Expect strength building and moving beyond foundation gaining deeper understanding of the work in the pose. Focus will be on strong standing poses, seated poses and more emphasis on inversions. By the end of this course you should be looking to have solidified a home practice and be able to hold Salamba Sarvangasana for several minutes and toward to Salamba Sirsasana (head balance).

Level I/II

This level focuses expanding & moving forward from the strong foundation to develop their asana practice to more sophisticated and subted levels. Students are encouraged to keep a regular home practice so that they gain a deeper understanding of refinements taught in class.  Keeping firmly grounded and exploration of more complex versions of asana you have become acquainted with and discovery of more.

Level II

this class is for well practiced students at Levels I & II. Knowledge & practice of inversions and/or alternative, supplemental postures are required. 

Level III

For intermediate and advanced students looking to increase their understanding of asana.


Supported postures intended to introduce principles of intelligent action and alignment of posture whilst ensuring that students have the support of props needed to practice the pose to capacity.  Learn how to alleviate pain with passive postures that release muscular and mental tension, increase circulation and decrease inflammation. All levels of students and drop-ins welcome.


The Yoga Sutras says that Pranayama removes the veil covering the light of knowledge and heralds the dawn of wisdom.

The practice of Pranayama according to the Yoga Sutras is to be picked up once a certain level of competence and mastery of asana has been achieved. This introduction to Pranayama is open to any registered students that have finished a minimum of 8-12mos in the Level 1 series and are practicing regularly at home. 

For those students eligible, Pranayama practice will be held twice a term.

Walking Wounded

For the sore and the disheartened; aching and painful joints, recovering form surgery or just dealing with repetitive strain of the work place, this class will see you through the other side, get you moving and give you the ability to manage yourself more effectively. With individualized instruction and attention, for this reason the classes are small and you must call ahead to get permission to attend.

Private Classes Available 

Group sessions or one to one. Call for details