Seeds of Santosa - There are no basic poses...

"Iyengar Yoga is good for the basics..."

This is of course, absolutely correct. 
But I wonder how many hear that statement and dismiss Iyengar yoga beyond a beginning because of the impression that Iyengar yoga will not continue to provide a path of wonder, discovery, empowerment? How many dismiss and solid framework for building a practice that will sustain you no matter what comes at you, for rigidity of thought, rather than the basic premise of the beginning of the experiment?
For beginners, props initially give support and all the student to access a part of the body that they couldn't if their hands are on the floor for instance in an intense forward bend - Uttanāsana. The experimentation, the deepening and playtime of practice really begins with props when you are experienced as a practitioner. 
Ever felt like you're flying in Virabhadrāsana/Warrior III? Felt a real extension of the back of the spine in a deep back bend? In the spine in an inversion? These are all gifts that props give you. They don't remove the effort of the pose as a bonus they give you direction, stability...

So yes, there is a beginning in Iyengar yoga and I'm happy to report, there is no end in Iyengar yoga. "There are no basic poses" Guruji said, "only basic students". Every pose from standing on your feet to legs knotted behind your head can be dissected and redefined within the body. There is a reproduction of a pose for mood, physical condition and time of life ; all the same pose rendered a different way.
That thrills me.